Poetry Publications


I have published nine poetry collections:

China and Glass (Bran’s Head Press, 1985)

Lost in the Supermarket (Open Heart, 1987)

Asleep at the Wheel (Amani, 1996)

Selected Short Stories (Hub Editions, 1999)

Foreign Ministry (Hub Editions, 2011)

Bristol: 21 Poems (Amazon, 2017)

Those Other Fields (Palewell Press, 2020)

Stranger (Cinnamon Press, 2021)

Ship’s Log (Bristol Books, 2022)


I have also co-edited three multi-authored collections:

Lansdown Poets Anthology 2018, with David Cook and Charles Thompson (Choir Press, 2018)

Planet, with David Cook, Richard Devereux and Charles Thompson (Lansdown Press, 2018)

Asylum, with Charles Thompson and others (Lansdown Press, 2020)


I have had individual poems and groups of poems published in:
Vision On, PN Review, Ariel, Tuba, Labrys, The Rialto, Thames Poetry, Other Poetry, Encounter, Ninth Decade, Full Circle Thirteen, Blind Serpent, Yes!Mercury, The Puckerbrush Review, Purple Patch, Lines Review, Outposts, Piedmont Literary Review, Barddoni, Joe Soap’s Canoe, The Fiddlehead, Plains Poetry Journal, Orbis, Peace and Freedom, Kansas Quarterly, Spectrum, Poetry Nottingham, Krax, Art Extraordinary, English, The Long Poem Magazine, Oldhamm, Asian Journal of Literature, Culture and Society, Carillon, swcollective, Gadabout, Light, Literature Today, Raceme, La Questione Romantica, Scarlet Leaf Review, Translating Chronic Pain, Hello Poetry, Poetry24, London Grip, Tigershark, Reach Poetry, Snakeskin, The Raven’s PerchThe Path, Blackbox Manifold, Coe Review, The Kiosk, Ink Sweat and Tears, Mad Swirl, The Lake, BindweedDempsey and Windle NewsletterThe Dawntreader.


Poems of mine have appeared in various anthologies, including:

The Echoing Gallery, ed. Rachael Boast (Redcliffe Poetry, 2013)

Lyrically Justified, Vol. 2, ed. Sean Clarke (Arkbound, 2017)

Calyx, eds Martin Rieser and Liz Cashdan (Tangent Books, 2019)

Welling Up: Palewell Press Anthology, ed. Camilla Reeve, (Palewell Press, 2019)

What the Moon was Told, ed. Janice Dempsey (Dempsey & Windle, 2020)

What Next?, ed, Janice Dempsey (Dempsey & Windle, 2020)

Can You Hear the People Sing?, ed. Camilla Reeve (Palewell Press, 2020)

The Best of ‘Mad Swirl’, eds M.H. Clay et al. (Mad Swirl Press, 2020)

The Weather Indoors, ed. Martin Rieser (Tangent Books, 2020)

Leave Memory for the Heavens, ed. Bobby Parker (Poetry Space, 2021)

Dear Dylan, Eds Anna Saunders and Ronnie Goodyer (Indigo Dreams, 2021)

Horses of a Different Colour, ed. Janice Dempsey (Dempsey & Windle, 2021)

Not Dark Yet, eds Peter Burnett and Richie McCaffery (Lexington Books, 2021)

A number of my poems appear on the website mapyourbristol, and others are available in recorded versions on my 2014 CD, Flashes in the Dark.