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Privacy Policy –
July 2020

David Punter, The Coach House, 61b Church Lane, Backwell BS48 3JJ

This privacy policy was written in July 2020.  The contents may change from time to time and, if you have GDPR or Privacy concerns when using websites, you are advised to check back here before using the website to see what has changed.  All changes will be marked and dated.

This notice is for this website; owned by David Punter, Coach House, 61b Church Lane, Backwell, Bristol, BS48 3JJ and governs the privacy of those who use it. It explains how we control, process, handle and protect your personal data while browsing or using this website, including your rights under current laws and regulations.


“I” or “The Website” refers to David Punter
“you”, “the user” refers to the user of the Website.
GDPR means General Data Protection Act.

Processing of your personal data
Under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we control and process some personal information about you electronically. We are exempt from registration in the ICO Data Protection Register.

Shopping Cart

1. We process some of information your provide in order to send you a book, CD or poetry publication.

2. In order for you to use our Shopping Cart we will need to collect information required to authenticate your credentials as a purchaser and this will be held on our website.

3. If you use Paypal to make the purchase, then Paypal will record the purchase and associated information they collect when a customer uses their services. If you are at all concerned about this, you can find out more information here:

Mailing List

1. We will never use your information to add you to any mailing list without your prior permission, we will never use your information to send you any promotional or publicity materials and will not share your information with any 3rd parties.

2. If you do agree to be included in our mailing list, you can opt out of receiving emails or ask to see the data we hold for you, or request we remove your data at any time by the following methods:

 a. Unsubscribe at the bottom of the email

b. Contact us at

Data retention period: We will continue to process your information for 7 years. After that this information will be deleted from our records.

 WordPress Plugins

Statistical Analysis
We use wordpress plugins on our website, including the gathering of statistical data. This data uses your IP address to determine how you have used the website, when and for how long. Your personal identity, address and other personal details can never be tracked by us.

The statistics plugin also records the freqency and type of Search Engine text used to find our website. Again, this is not trackable by us.

 Google Fonts
Our website uses the Open Sans Google font. When this font is used the Google Font plugin records this useage. The record never includes your IP address or any other personal data.

Search Engines
If you have used our website, Google or some other search engine to find our site then that data will be stored electronically by whichever organisation or company offers those services and we cannot be responsible for how they use or track that data. If you are concerned by this, then we recommend investigating how those organisations and companies use your data.

 Lawful basis: Legal obligation

1. The reason we use this basis: To pay my taxes correctly.

2. We process your information in the following ways: I must maintain a list of clients with name, address, and purchases for tax inspections in line with the UK tax authorities.

3. Data retention period: Six years

4. Sharing your information: We do not share your information with third parties.

5. If, as determined by us, the lawful basis upon which we process your personal information changes, we will notify you about the change and any new lawful basis to be used if required. We shall stop processing your personal information if the lawful basis used is no longer relevant.

Your rights

Under the GDPR your rights are as follows.

  • the right to be informed;
  • the right of access;
  • the right to rectification;
  • the right to erasure;
  • the right to restrict processing;
  • the right to data portability;
  • the right to object; and
  • the right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling.


Internet cookies
We use cookies on this website to provide you with a better user experience. We do this when the software we are using places a small text file on your device / computer hard drive to track how you use the website, to record or log whether you have seen messages that we display, to keep you logged into the website where applicable, to display relevant adverts or content, referred you to a third-party website.

Some cookies are required to enjoy and use the full functionality of this website.

 We use a cookie control system which allows you to accept the use of cookies, and control which cookies are saved to your device / computer. Some cookies will be saved for specific time periods, where others may last indefinitely. Your web browser should provide you with the controls to manage and delete cookies from your device, please see your web browser options.

 Cookies used on our website are currently:

If you click on ‘accept’ on our cookie banner, then you are agreeing to these cookies being stored on your computer:







2 days 







This cookie is used to store the acceptance of the cookie policy on the website.

4 weeks 



This cookie is used to store the language preferences of a user to serve up content in that stored language the next time user visit the website.

8 hours 




1 year 








3 days 








30 minutes 




3 years 







This cookie is provided by Paypal. The cookie is used in context with transactions on the website.





3 days 




3 years 


Data security and protection
We ensure the security of any personal information we hold by using secure data storage technologies provided by our host company who store, access and manage that information. Their privacy policy can be found here:

Sponsored links, affiliate tracking & commissions
Our site may provide links to the websites of associate or colleague websites and services. These sites will operate their own GDPR and Privacy policies. If you are concerned or unsure about visiting those sites you are advised to alert yourself about their policies. We cannot be responsible for the accuracy, truthfulness or timeliness of the information you may find there, or how you use that information. Clickable sponsored or affiliate links may be displayed as a website URL like this; or as a titled text link like this: Bookshops in Cambridge. If you have any concerns about this we suggest you do not click on any adverts, sponsored or affiliate links found throughout the website.

Email marketing messages & subscription

The author of this website uses a personal mailing list that is not affiliated with this website. The information you may provide while using the site will never be used to add your details to this mailing list, or any other.

 Social Media

If you find links to our website via social media, that company/organisation may use this information in ways that are out of our control. For example, if you are using Facebook or Google then their cookies may well record your interest in poetry and share that information with other companies. Twitter, Facebook and Google privacy policies can be found here:

Twitter Privacy Policy

Facebook Privacy Policy

Google Privacy Policy